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Air Quality Sensors

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Don’t take the air quality at your home for granted. Up to 96 percent of dwellings have at least one type of air quality issue according to research. An Air Quality Sensor (AQS) will report on the levels of pollutants and other issues in real time so you can mitigate any problems the sensor identifies. This could be anything from excessive dust to emissions from household cleaners or building materials. Many sensors can also track outdoor air quality. Measurements are either shown on the device display or accessed through the internet or in a companion app on your mobile device. Most AQS monitors will alert you to unsafe levels via an indicator light and/or push notifications to your tablet or smartphone.

Without an air quality sensor, most people won't know that they have a problem. Once you’re aware that a condition has risen to a hazardous level you can take action to reduce it. Ultimately, a good AQS will provide the information you need to investigate and eliminate the source of your air quality issues.

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