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Analog Table & Mantel Clocks

Analog Table & Mantel Clocks

Unlike digital wall clocks with LCD screens and non-moving parts, analog table and mantel clocks have mechanical parts that physically move. Typically these clock have a face that uses a fixed numbered dial or dials and a moving hand or hands. The circular time scale is usually segmented into 12 hours, often including a scale of 60 minutes as well, which doubles as 60 seconds if the clock has a second hand. The only other widely used clock face today is the 24 hour analog dial, because of the use of 24 hour time in military organizations and world time applications. We carry many different types of analog clocks with different finishes including some with advanced functions.

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Weems & Plath 312800
Weems & Plath 312800
Porthole Weather Center
  • Quartz Clock, Barometer & Comfortmeter (temp/humidity)
  • Solid American Hardwood w/ Mahogany Finish
  • Wall Mount or Free Standing
  • Will Never Tarnish or Discolor
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