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Weems & Plath 200

Weems & Plath 200

Brass Stormglass
Model: 200
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The Weems 200 Brass Stormglass is a mysterious weather predictor that is sure to intrigue. Thought to have been invented by an alchemist for Italian sailors, stormglass instruments have been in use since the 1750s. Admiral Fitzroy, the famous sailor and meteorologist, mounted an instrument similar to the stormglass on the mast of HMS Beagle as a storm warning instrument during his historic voyage with Darwin in the 1830s.

The premise of the Weems Stormglass is that changing weather affects the solubility of the mixture of chemicals in the sealed glass tube. Some believe that the changes in crystal structures have to do with the electromagnetic changes caused by weather and sun storms. The Weems Stormglass is a beautiful and unique gift for the home, boat or office.

The solid metal exterior protects a glass cylinder filled with a mixture of liquid and suspended crystals. The appearance of the crystals in the glass indicates changes in the weather - cold and stormy, warmer, frost, rain, or fair and dry. When the weather is clear and dry the liquid inside the Stormglass is clear. If bad weather is on the way the liquid begins to get cloudy long before you can see anything on the horizon. As the Stormglass gets murkier, so do conditions outside. Just when you think the storm will never end, a clearing in the liquid promises sunshine soon. Approaching changes in temperature and moisture levels are reflected by various crystal patterns and movements that are illustrated in the accompanying manual (see image above).

1 - Fernlike Crystals Building Up: Stormy
2 - Fernlike Crystals Disappearing: Improving Weather
3 - Star Crystals Are Falling Down: Frost
4 - Star Crystals Are All Over: Rain
5 - Clear Liquid: Clear & Dry

The Weems Stormglass can also be mounted on an attractive and informative display plaque crafted from American hardwood in a mahogany finish (Sold Separately). The plaque has an engraved plate that has a key which illustrates each phase of weather predicted by the Stormglass. Also, the engraved plate includes a brief description of the unique origins of this mysterious weather predictor. This display plaque makes a nice addition to this already distinctive gift.

Product Details:

  • Sealed glass chamber holds the crystals of the stormglass and is encapsulated in a beautifully crafted brass cylinder
  • Includes brass mounting accessories - base, self tapping screw, finial and mounting accessory (to enable either wall or counter/table top fixed mounting)
  • Packaged in a handsome velvet-lined black gift box

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 6 1/2" (165mm) tall x 1 1/4" (31.75mm) diameter
  • 11oz (317.5g)


Average Customer Rating 4.5 4.5 stars (based on 11 reviews)

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By Sue
From Ulysses, KS
4 stars Stormglass
This is a lovely display piece but I didn't want to spend the extra money for a wood plaque. I was hoping however that weather shack would have at least included a piece of paper for the different stages. That's why I gave a 4. Other than that I do know something is changing I just don't know what.
By Charles
From Na'alehu, HI
5 stars Handsome
Will need change in weather to evaluate.
By Donna
From Lakeside, CA
4 stars This is a gift to my son so I can t really answer this
Ditto as above
By donald
From sauquoit, NY
5 stars stormglass
product works well
By Julie
From Quebec, QC
5 stars 5 stars
Product was as described, perfect !
By David
From Cumberland, OH
4 stars As Impressive as Expected
I didn't buy this instrument to predict the weather; I have a Davis Weather Station and a mercury barometer for that. I just wanted to see what it would do, and for that purpose, Weems & Plath has delivered a product that's as impressive in execution as it appears in these images. It looks as good on its own stand on a shelf or desktop as it does mounted on the plaque intended for the purpose, and surprise: You can anchor it in place by screwing down the stand! That's what the screw provided in the presentation case is for.
By Jennifer
From ellenton florida, FL
5 stars Weems & Plath Stormglass
Bought for a house warming gift and the recipient couldn't have been more excited about the gift. Got rave reviews. Thank you for the free shipping, too!!!
By Peggy
From Punta Gorda, FL
5 stars Stormglass
Looks Beautiful, will soon be a gift.
By Michael
From Bridgton, ME
4 stars Storm Glass
The device worked immedialety as we were in the middle of a snow storm. I'm sure I will enjoy the Stormglass for years to come.
By laurence
From hamburg, NY
4 stars very expensive toy - still not sure what it does


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