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Glass Rain Gauges

WeatherShack is the weather station Superstore for rain gauges. Below you can browse our selection of glass rain gauges. Rainfall impacts all of us, from the lack of rain during times of drought to the dangers of flash floods when we receive too much rain too fast. Manual rain gauges are a simple tube, closed on one end and calibrated in inches to indicate the amount of liquid. A manual rain gauge must be hand-emptied after each precipitation event in order to ensure correct measurements.

Are you looking for a gift? Rain Gauges make a perfect gift for that special someone!

Our selection of glass rain gauges are designed with quality craftsmanship for many years of enjoyment. In addition to the products listed below, please visit our full selection at:

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Conant 6.5
Conant 6.5 Conant 6.5 Conant 6.5
Conant 6.5" Rain Gauge
Décor/Vermont Rain Gauge
  • Measures up to 5" or 120mm of rainfall
  • Will Not Peel, Flake or Rust
  • Superior Crafted Design
  • Manufacturer Warranty
Our Price: $22.95 - $27.95
4.5 stars (25)
Conant 23
Conant 23 Conant 23 Conant 23
Conant 23" Grande View Rain Gauge
Grande View Rain Gauge
  • 3" Rain Capacity
  • Easy-To-Read
  • Magnifies The Numerals By 50%
  • Screen To Keep Out Unwanted Leaves & Bugs
  • Manufacturer Warranty
Our Price: $27.95 - $39.95
5 stars (7)
Taylor Precision 2710N
Taylor Precision 2710N
Glass Tube Rain Gauge
  • 5" Rain Capacity
  • Glass Tube w/ Metal Mounting Spike
  • Bold Easy to Read Measurement
  • Weather & Rust Resistant
Our Price: $6.95
4.5 stars (13)
Conant VRG7LFB
Conant VRG7LFB
Brass Jeffersonian Rain Gauge
  • Measure up to 5" of Rain in 1/5" Increments
  • Crafted from Brass, Glass & Stainless Steel
  • Red Ball Rises as Rain Fills Vial
  • Can be Ground, Deck or Rail Mounted
Sale Price: $139.95
4.5 stars (7)
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