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Davis Instruments 6462

Davis Instruments 6462

Vantage Pro2 Replacement Rain AeroCone Kit
Model: 6462
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Upgrade your old rain cone! The Davis Iinstruments 6462 replacement AeroCone kit includes the rain cone, bird spikes, debris screen and Davis logo. The AeroCone rain collector reduces wind-induced errors by providing a more aerodynamic path around the collector. Its contours are designed to streamline the airflow and reduce flow distortions. The design improves rain data accuracy in high wind situations where the horizontal wind velocity can cause under reporting.

The inside of the rain collector is equally well designed, keeping intact the carefully engineered interior walls that reduce splash out during high rain conditions. The new debris screen locks into place, ensuring that it remains in place during high winds and heavy rainfall events. Compatible with all models of the Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suites.


  • Reduces wind-induced errors
  • Molded holders for the included stainless steel bird spikes
  • Improved debris screen locks into place
  • Molded holder for an additional bird spike for debris screen
  • New designed interior walls of AeroCone reduce splash out during high rain conditions
  • Davis logo on AeroCone


Average Customer Rating 5.0 5 stars (based on 56 reviews)

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By Ed
From Lanesboro, MA
5 stars Bought it to replace original rain cone that broke.
Appreciate the center screen to filter out leaves and also the bird spikes.
By Robert
From Fredericksburg, VA
5 stars Rain AeroCone Review
I have an ancient Vantage Pro 2 array and it has provided many years of good weather information to me. I do like the fact that component modules can be replaced, sometimes with updated equipment. The original rain collector on my unit collected items unrelated to rain...think bird guano. The new collector has a wicked set of spikes to deter birds, including one for the filter at the bottom of the cone. Ouch. I love birds, but no nesters need apply for habitation in my cone. The AeroCone has been installed for a week or so now. No bird debris inside, no skewered birds on the spikes, so I am happy. As to its effectiveness as an accurate rain collector, I assume that Davis knows what is doing. I would recommend this upgrade for the Vantage Pro 2 system. My next purchase may be the new Davis rain counting device under the AeroCone because I am running out of reed switches. Ha!
By Tom
From Roper, NC
5 stars Great fit to old station
It fit my old cabled station fine....I think it will be a good improvement.
By Dick
From De Kalb, TX
5 stars Stop the crap!!
Vantage Pro II I have had a lot of trouble with bird dropping stopping up my original rain collector. So I ordered the new model rain collector and what a difference! I checked it today and no droppings at all! I am very pleased with the collector and the service I received.
By Kip
From Bridgeport, NY
5 stars Replacement is superior to original
New cone shape is improved and the debris shield locks into place
By charles
From los altos, CA
5 stars upgrade for rain catcher
Owner of Vantage Pro 2 since 2006; highly reliable system with no problems keeping it running
By Albert
5 stars Rain collector
Fit perfectly, well designed with solid finger grips for removal and eventual cleaning. Excellent filter screen.
By Clarence
From Roanoke, VA
5 stars Rain Guage Protector
Seems to work good. Delivered in a timely manner.
By John
From Port Washington, NY
5 stars Great design - solves the problem
This works perfectly. I always had to clean out debris and bird droppings in the cone to get the rain data. No worries now.
By John
From Tucson, AZ
5 stars Easy
Easy to replace
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