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Kestrel 0799
Kestrel 0799
Mini Tripod w/ Clamp
  • Can Be Used With Spectrum & Kestrel Handheld Wind Meters
  • Ultra-Compact & Portable
  • Sturdy & Lightweight
  • Fold -Out Legs With Clamp
  • Made In The USA
Sale Price: $27.95
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Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters

At Nielsen-Kellerman, weather is serious business! They've been researching, designing, manufacturing and distributing Kestrel Meters for over 20 years. Kestrel Instruments founders and lead engineers are determined to make the most accurate and reliable hand-held weather devices available. They have developed four patented measurement technologies for the Kestrel family and continue to research ways to improve the Kestrel line and create new products to meet customers' needs. Nielsen-Kellerman has been in business for over 40 years, and has focused relentlessly on meeting the specialized measurement needs of demanding outdoor customers. Olympic athletes, firefighters, and military professionals are just some of the customers who rely on NK products for accuracy and durability. Delivering anything less than the highest level of quality is not an option. Every NK product undergoes rigorous functional and sealing testing and, where applicable, calibration against NIST-traceable standards, before it leaves the plant. Every product is also covered by a full warranty against defect or failure to perform (two to five years depending on product). They know that convincing customers to purchase a product is just the first step -- once you're an NK customer, they want you to stay one for life!

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