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Classic Dial Thermometers
Classic Dial Thermometers

Classic dial thermometers use a bimetallic spring-like coil attached to a pointer. As temperature increases or decreases the pointer rotates around a fixed dial.

Classic Tube Thermometers
Classic Tube Thermometers

Classic bulb thermometers measure temperature through a glass tube sealed with a liquid that expands or contracts as the temperature rises or falls.

Manual Rain Gauges
Manual Rain Gauges

Simply an open top container or tube, calibrated in inches to measure rainfall. They need to be hand-emptied after each rainfall to ensure correct measurements.

Analog Hygrometers
Analog Hygrometers

Hygrometers measure humidity. Analog hygrometers give you an easy-to-read display and fast response time. They are highly accurate and can be calibrated.

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Conant 4
Conant 4 Conant 4
Conant 4" Dial Thermometer
Dial Thermometer
  • F and C Scales
  • Convex Glass Crystal
  • Dial is 4" & Swivel Arm is 3.5"
  • Swivels For Any Angle Viewing
  • Will Not Peel, Flake or Rust
  • Manufacturer Warranty
Our Price: $26.95 - $36.95
4.5 stars (26)
Conant 8.5
Conant 8.5 Conant 8.5
Conant 8.5" Large Dial Thermometer
Large Dial Thermometer
  • Fahrenheit & Celsius Scale
  • Convex Glass Crystal
  • Mounting Arm is Reversible for Easy Mounting
  • Will Not Peel, Flake or Rust
Our Price: $56.95
4 stars (11)
4" Vermont Comfortmeter
  • Designed to monitor Temp & Humidity
  • F and C Scale
  • Hygrometer shows percent of humidity
  • Brass housing will never corrode
  • Manufacturer 10-year warranty
Our Price: $44.95
5 stars (3)
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Conant 7.5
Conant 7.5 Conant 7.5 Conant 7.5
Conant 7.5" Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
  • Fahrenheit & Celsius Scale
  • Accurate Spirit Tube Technology
  • Mercury Free
  • Will Not Peel, Flake or Rust
  • Manufacturer Warranty
Our Price: $21.95 - $31.95
4 stars (15)
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Conant 6.5
Conant 6.5 Conant 6.5 Conant 6.5
Conant 6.5" Rain Gauge
Dcor/Vermont Rain Gauge
  • Measures up to 5" or 120mm of rainfall
  • Will Not Peel, Flake or Rust
  • Superior Crafted Design
  • Manufacturer Warranty
Our Price: $22.95 - $27.95
4.5 stars (24)
Conant 23
Conant 23 Conant 23 Conant 23
Conant 23" Grande View Rain Gauge
Grande View Rain Gauge
  • 3" Rain Capacity
  • Easy-To-Read
  • Magnifies The Numerals By 50%
  • Screen To Keep Out Unwanted Leaves & Bugs
  • Manufacturer Warranty
Our Price: $27.95 - $39.95
5 stars (7)

Conant Custom Brass

Conant Custom Brass was founded in 1979 by Steve Conant, then a 23-year old with a passion for metalwork. Steve soon established a reputation as a preeminent craftsman with a knack for restoration and custom metal work. What started from humble beginnings quickly became known as The Worlds Finest Collection of Weather Instruments. Using the best materials available, these products combine traditional elegance with accuracy for a great value. Conant products start with a lightly antiqued finish. Within a few months exposure to the elements they begin to age gracefully and develop a warm brown patina. All Conant Custom Brass products have a living finish that continues to enhance their genuine beauty for years to come. With Conant Custom Brass lifetime guarantee you can be assured of many years of service and performance.

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