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Weather Station Mounting Systems

Weather Station Mounting Systems

Setting up home weather stations is fun, relatively easy, and when completed, rewarding and informative as well. To obtain the most reliable and accurate weather information, its important to give some thoughtful consideration as to where the various components are located. The optimum placement for each type of sensor is different. Thermometers and hygrometers should be installed from four to six feet above the ground in a shaded location (not under trees!). If the thermometer hygrometer is placed on a building, select a location below the eaves on a north facing wall, which will provide shade and some shelter from rain. Rain gauges should be sited out in the open and relatively close to the ground (two feet above is optimal), then leveled. This placement makes it convenient to clean the rain gage should it become obstructed by debris. Anemometers should be sited in a location where the wind flows freely (such as roof mount) and oriented to true north as instructed by the manufacturer. The standard height of an anemometer is 10 meters (33 feet) above ground. Given the difference in siting recommendations between anemometers and rain gauges, mounting them together should be avoided.

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Tru-Find Compass
Tru-Find Compass
Compass w/Lanyard
  • Clear Base Plate Makes It Easy To Read A Map & Set Bearings
  • Large sighting arrow
  • Clear base plate with kilometers and millimeters
  • Comfort-Grip Dial, & Ergonomically-Contoured Base Plate
Sale Price: $8.95
4.5 stars (158)
Davis Instruments 7717
Davis Instruments 7717
Vantage Pro2/Vue Mounting Pole Kit
  • Mounting Pole Kit Includes Two Galvanized Steel Poles & Mounting Hardware
  • Poles Measure 19.5" & 21" Long
Our Price: $49.95
4.5 stars (122)
Davis Instruments 7716
Davis Instruments 7716
Davis Mounting Tripod
  • Tripod Adjustable to Mount on Roof or Uneven Terrain
  • Total Height of the Tripod is Just Over 7' Tall
Our Price: $139.95 - $149.95
4.5 stars (86)
RainWise POD3
RainWise POD3
MK-III Mounting Tripod
  • Quick & Easy To Install
  • Can Be Mounted On A Pitched Or Flat Roof
  • Constructed From Galvanized Steel
  • Designed Specifically For The MK-III Sensor Assembly
Our Price: $89.95
4 stars (10)
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