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Sunset Vista Designs Aluminum Wind Chimes

Aluminum Wind Chimes

Available in a wide array of styles and sizes, these wind chimes are sure to complement any area of your home or garden. These chimes feature a whimsical design and have unique decor arrangements. Depending on the size and style, these chimes produce a wide range of mesmerizing tones.





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Sunset Vista Designs Spiral Sun Wind Chime - 37 inch
  • Overall Length 37"
  • Metal/Glass Sun Topper
  • 3 Metal Tubes with Glass Wind Catchers
  • Colorful Bead Accents
Our Price: $24.95
4.5 stars (7)
Sunset Vista Designs Gardening Tools & Watering Can Wind Chime - Gardening Time
  • Overall Length 30"
  • Watering Can Topper & Wind Catcher
  • Whimsical Mix of Shovels, Rakes and More
  • Accented with Colorful Beads
Our Price: $32.95
4.5 stars (3)
Sunset Vista Designs Coffee Pot, Tin Can & Silverware Wind Chime - Coffee Time
  • Overall Length 35"
  • Coffee Pot Topper
  • Whimsical Mix of Silverware, Cups and More
  • Accented with Beads
Our Price: $29.95
5 stars (4)
Sunset Vista Designs Pots Pans Silverware Wind Chime - Sunday Brunch
  • Overall Length 29"
  • Plate Topper
  • Whimsical Mix of Bowls, Cups, Forks and More
  • Accented with Colorful Beads
Our Price: $31.95
4.5 stars (5)
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