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WeatherLink Data-Loggers

The ultimate in weather monitoring! Connects a Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue weather station or a Weather Envoy to your PC, MAC, irrigation controller or other device.

Starting At: $166.95
Davis Instruments 7717
Davis Instruments 7717
Vantage Pro2/Vue Mounting Pole Kit
  • Mounting Pole Kit Includes Two Galvanized Steel Poles & Mounting Hardware
  • Poles Measure 19.5" & 21" Long
Our Price: $49.95
4.5 stars (126)
Davis Instruments 7716
Davis Instruments 7716
Davis Mounting Tripod
  • Tripod Adjustable to Mount on Roof or Uneven Terrain
  • Total Height of the Tripod is Just Over 7' Tall
Our Price: $149.95
4.5 stars (75)
Davis Instruments 7876
Davis Instruments 7876
Vantage Pro2 Extension Cables
  • Use to Extend or Replace Original Cables
  • Includes Waterproof Coupler Kit to Join Cables Together
  • Available in Various Lengths
Our Price: $22.95 - $74.95
5 stars (25)
Davis Instruments 6462
Davis Instruments 6462
Vantage Pro2 Replacement Rain AeroCone Kit
  • Reduces wind-induced errors
  • Molded Holders for Stainless Steel Bird Spikes
  • Improved debris screen locks into place
Our Price: $39.95
5 stars (64)
Davis Instruments 6470
Davis Instruments 6470
Vantage Pro2 Steel Temperature Probe
  • Multi-purpose Temperature Probe w/ 2-1/2" Long Stainless Steel Housing
  • Use to Measure Temperature of Air, Soil, or Water
  • Includes 15' Direct-burial Cable
Our Price: $64.95
5 stars (5)
Davis Instruments 6440
Davis Instruments 6440
Vantage Pro2 Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Uses Electrical Resistance to Measure the Moisture Level of the Soil
  • Does not Require Periodic Maintenance
  • Includes 15' Cable
Our Price: $69.95
5 stars (8)
Davis Instruments 6673
Davis Instruments 6673
Vantage Pro2 Sensor Mounting Shelf
  • Used to Mount the Solar Radiation and/or UV Sensor To The Davis Vantage Pro2 ISS
  • Shelf is Rigid & Includes Anodized Aluminum Posts & Stainless Steel Hardware
Our Price: $31.95
5 stars (8)
Davis Instruments 6420
Davis Instruments 6420
Vantage Pro2 Leaf Wetness Sensor
  • Monitors the Level of Surface Moisture on Foliage
  • Range from 0 (Completely Dry) to 15 (Saturated)
  • Includes 40' Cable
Our Price: $139.95
5 stars (3)
Davis Instruments 6490
Davis Instruments 6490
Vantage Pro2 UV Sensor
  • Used To Measure Solar UV Energy
  • Designed For Accurate Cosine Response
  • Requires Davis 6673 Sensor Mounting Shelf
Our Price: $394.95
5 stars (6)
Davis Instruments 7904
Davis Instruments 7904
Vantage Pro2 Replacement Wind Vane
  • Replacement Wind Vane w/ Brass Tip
  • For Vantage Pro & Vantage Pro2 Anemometers
Our Price: $14.95
5 stars (7)
Davis Instruments 7721
Davis Instruments 7721
Vantage Pro2 Rain Collector Cone and Heater
  • Used to Measure Freezing Rain or Moisture Content of Snowfall
  • Requires Access to AC Power
  • Includes Rain Collector Cone, Heater, Control Unit, Insulating Reflective Blanket, AC Adapter, & 50' cable
Our Price: $259.95
5 stars (2)
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