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Aluminum Wind Chimes

Aluminum tubes, depending on length, make a wide range of wonderful tones. Together with sound and color options, these chimes are sure to complement any area of the home or garden.

Starting At: $7.95
Wind Chimes On Sale

Browse our Sale, Closeout and Special Discount items. You can SAVE even more from our already low prices!

Starting At: $36.98
Bereavement & Sympathy Chimes

Wind chimes are an excellent gift for anyone going through a difficult time. The gentle music will lift their spirits for years to come.

Starting At: $12.95
Bass Wind Chimes
Starting At: $78.95
Big Wind Chimes
Starting At: $34.95
Chime Accessories

Quality hooks and hangers for mounting any wind chime. They are sure to enhance any chime in your home, patio, deck or garden.

Starting At: $2.95
Giant Wind Chimes
Starting At: $152.98
Bells & Windbells

Thought to bring good luck and prosperity! These bells and windbells are sure to please with their eclectic variety of sound, materials, and clever designs.

Starting At: $26.95
Crystal & Glass Wind Chimes

Colorful crystal and glass wind chimes sparkle and glimmer when near a light source, much like a suncatcher. They are sure to enhance any home or garden.

Starting At: $12.95
Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo chimes produce a mellow natural sound unlike any other chime. Offering a variety of unique styles from festive to whimsical, to classic you're sure to find the one that fits your space.

Starting At: $42.95
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