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La Crosse Technology 328-10618-INT

La Crosse Technology 328-10618-INT

Wireless Wi-Fi Color Weather Station w/ Wind Speed & Rainfall
Model: 328-10618-INT
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The La Crosse Technology 328-10618 Wireless Wi-Fi Color Weather Station with wind speed and rainfall provides real-time weather data straight from your backyard. The weather station can function as a stand alone station or with the La Crosse View™ App you may remotely access the weather station's data from a mobile device. The App enables you to receive alerts and push notifications when user-defined values go above or fall below the desired range.

The La Crosse Technology 328-10618 monitors the indoor and outdoor temperature/humidity, barometric pressure, heat index, dew point, wind speed and rainfall. Additionally, when connected to your Wi-Fi; the station will receive AccuWeather Weather Service* information such as; hourly and daily forecasts, six additional forecast icons, up to a 7 day forecast, chance of precipitation, daily forecasted highs/lows, wind direction and many more enhanced weather capabilities.

The La Crosse Technology 328-10618 features a manual set clock or when connected to Wi-Fi, the weather station will sync with the National Institues of Standards and Time (NIST)* twice per day.

With the BONUS console you may view basic outdoor temperature and humidity from the thermo-hygro sensor. Place it in the bedroom, kitchen, office or any other room of your home. Note: The bonus console does not connect to your Wi-Fi or sync with the AccuWeather weather service.

  • Time and date (set manually or by NIST with Wi-Fi connection)
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature with daily HI/LO (ºF or ºC)
  • Indoor/outdoor humidity with daily HI/LO (%RH)
  • HI/LO records with time stamp
  • "Feels Like" temperature with daily HI/LO (ºF or ºC)
  • Heat Index
  • Dew point
  • Barometric pressure
  • Wind speed with history (hour, 24 hours, 7 days, current month and year)
  • Rainfall with history (hour, 24 hours, 7 days, current month and year)
  • Self-emptying (tipping bucket) rain gauge
  • Forecast icon (sunny, partly sunny, clouds, rain, t-storm and snow)
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity trend arrows (rising or falling)
  • Bonus temperature and humidity display
  • AccuWeather chance of precipitation*
  • AccuWeather forecasted HI/LO for the day*
  • AccuWeather additional forecast icons*
  • AccuWeather wind direction*
  • View Data Stream (VDS) technology (AccuWeather weather information and personal messages)*
  • Low battery icon
  • Signal strength icon for sensor transmission
  • Wi-Fi connection icon
  • 12 or 24 hour time mode
  • Illuminated color display with five different backlight settings (0% | 1.5% | 20% | 50% | 100%). Backlight will remain on momentarily for 10 seconds when the LIGHT button is pressed
  • Programmable auto dim
  • Tabletop or wall-mountable design
  • Limited one (1) year warranty

* AccuWeather weather service data is based on the Zip Code location, NIST Data based on the Time Zone entered. Wi-Fi required.

  • Remotely view sensor data on your mobile device anytime/anywhere
  • View and track history with detailed graphs
  • Share weather data with family and friends
  • Receive mobile alerts and push notifications
  • Indoor temp range: 32.0 to 99.0°F (0 to 37°C)
  • Outdoor temp range: -40.0 to 140.0°F (-40.0 to 60.0°C)
  • Humidity range: 10% to 99% (RH)
  • Barometric pressure range: 23.62 to 32.48 InHg (800 to 1100 hPa)
  • Wind speed range: 0 to111 mph (0-178 kmh)
  • Rainfall range: 0 to 393.6" (0 to 9999mm)
  • Power requirements (console): AC Adapter (Included CR2032 battery for backup of date and time)
  • Power requirements (thermo-hygro sensor): 2 AA alkaline batteries**
  • Power requirements (wind speed sensor): 2 C alkaline batteries**
  • Power requirements (rain sensor): 2 AA alkaline batteries**
  • Power requirements (Bonus temperature station): 2 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Battery life (console): up to 2 years with AC adapter in use
  • Battery life (thermo-hygro sensor): over 2 years with reputable batteries
  • Battery life (wind speed sensor): over 2 year with reputable batteries
  • Battery life (rain sensor): over 2 years with reputable batteries
  • Battery life (bonus temperature console): over 1 years with reputable batteries
  • Transmission Frequency: 915 MHz
  • Transmission Range: Up to 400 feet open air
  • Wi-Fi Range: 80 feet (24 meters)

** Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4°F/-20ºC

  • High speed Internet service
  • Router with Wi-Fi band of 2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Included AC adapter for weather station is required for Wi-Fi connection
  • IOS requirements: iOS 9.0 (or later) with cellular or Wi-Fi service
  • Android requirements: OS 5.0 (or later) with cellular or Wi-Fi service

La Crosse View™ App Downloads:

Apple Store DownloadGoogle Play Download

  • Console: 8.22" x 1.18" x 5.83" (209mm x 30mm x 148mm)
  • Thermo-Hygro Sensor: 1.97" x 0.75" x 5.73" (50mm x 19mm x 146mm)
  • Wind Speed Sensor: 7.10" x 7.10" x 18.57" (180mm x 180mm x 472mm)
  • Rain Sensor: 7.16" x 5.24" x 5.04" (181mm x 133mm x 128mm)
  • Bonus console: 2.64" x 1.32" x 3.62" (67mm x 34mm x 92mm)


Average Customer Rating 4.6 4.5 stars (based on 35 reviews)

Displaying reviews 1-10 of 35
5 stars Best Design for Accurate Readings
I have made the mistake of buying "all in one" units before that can not give accurate readings on the various categories such as temperature, humidity and rainfall because the unit housing all of these aspects must be placed in one location to allow for rain collection. Thus your thermometer is sitting out in direct sunlight quite often and you are not getting a true reading of the atmospheric temperature but a surface reading elevated by the unit being in the sun. At night the plastic housing collects condensation that forms on the unit giving a false humidity reading (when not raining). This units design allows for each data collecting instrument to be placed in a location that promotes the most favorable conditions to give a true measurement of each components particular purpose. After a few weeks of use I am now confident the LaCrosse stations are providing accurate data for every different aspect of weather measurement. I never got that from other designs. Also Barometric pressure remains true to reported conditions by official weather broadcasts once the unit is calibrated with your area. So-called "self learning" units would never keep an accurate track of changes even after the "learning period" had passed and would not keep calibrated adjustments without wandering.
By Brian
From Norfolk, NE
5 stars Very nice weather station
Love the weather station the color monitor is beautiful and set up was very easy I would definitely recommend it to anyone
By Dan
From Truckee, CA
5 stars Works great and easy to inst
Easy to use. Just make sure to install quality batteries.
By Dan
From Ft. Worth, TX
5 stars Great Product!
This is super user friendly either through the app or the display that is provided. Very nice to have supplemental weather information through the various devices in this package.
By Eric
From Gardnerville, NV
4 stars Wi-Fi Instructions inadequate, Wireless signal weak
The product appears to be working fine, however the instructions to hook up to Wi-Fi were inadequate, and the wireless signal is weak. I had to several different locations to get all three components to communicate with each other.
By Bruce
From Rociada, NM
4 stars A replacement for an older one.
All devices are smaller than my old system and work much like "plug and play". Easy to hook up. Too bad the outdoor devices aren't solar powered, appears I'll be replacing batteries, just don't know how often yet. I like the display very much and being able to check on the house temps from mu phone.
By Bill
From San Antonio, TX
5 stars La Crosse wireless weather station
It has worked perfectly
By Russ
From Remsen, NY
4 stars A nice weather station
Initial setup is fairly easy. Product consumes 8 batteries to power all sensors. Sensors appear to function well, with the exception of the barometric pressure which has been drastically off a couple of times, but came back into range with a power cycle of the base. Yet to mount the anemometer and rain gauge outside, but preliminary tests are good. I think I'd recommend this product.
By Patrick
From Issaquah, WA
4 stars Good combo, with a few caveats
Pros: - Separate sensors means you can put each one in an optimal place. The all-in-one solar powered units end up putting the thermometer in the sun instead of shade - Expandability - it's nice to be able to add extra temperature sensors or the accessory consoles Cons: - Each sensor has an LED that flashes occasionally at night and you can't turn them off - Mediocre iOS app. Wifi setup fails (more on that later). After you work around the buggy setup, it's poorly laid out - even "quick view" requires scrolling to read basic info. Sometimes it has wrong numbers for the first 30 seconds. Graphs don't zoom or scroll. The LaCrosse View app did not work for setting up wifi on iOS 14. The manufacturer needs to publish an update asking for permissions for local network access to make this work. I had to connect to it using the steps here from a laptop (Search for "WiFi Connection – La Crosse Technology" - there is an official page on this) . Once that was done, I could connect via the iOS app later.
By Jon
From Cape Coral, FL
5 stars Weather Station works well!
Enjoying the new weather station. Great to see the actual feels like temp and winds.


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