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RainWise 803-1020

RainWise 803-1020

Bird Guard w/ Spikes
Model: 803-1020
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The RainWise 803-1020 Rain Collector Bird Guard includes stainless steel spikes that reduce potential nesting which can cause droppings that clog the rain collector. †Improves accuracy by reducing debris and maintenance.† Does not interfere with rain collector. Durable and resistant to drastic weather/temperature changes.† Compatible with the RainWise MKIII sensor array and stand-alone rain gauges.


Average Customer Rating 3.0 3 stars (based on 2 reviews)

By Wayne
From Pinedale, WY
3 stars Good Attempt, Poor Design
The design of this "Add-On" is decent but the attachment method is poor. There should have been a lip or edge on the rain collector to actually hold the guard in place. The ring is plastic and if you tighten in too much to keep it from sliding on the collector, you'll end up breaking it. Also, if you mount it too high on the collector, the spikes interfere with the anemometer blades! And the instructions are lacking.....
By Richard
From Tampa, FL
3 stars Too broad for my rain gauge
I have had - for years - a CoCoRaHS rain gauge and have "kept" the birds away with copper wires stapled to a wood frame which holds the gauge atop a pole in my back yard.I thought the rain wise bird guard would allow me to take down the wires which were getting a little twisted but it turned out it was to wide. But, interestingly it did give me an idea on an alternative solution which seem to be working
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