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Cracks With Bamboo Wind Chimes

Natural bamboo has a high water content. When harvested, it goes through an extensive drying process that takes several months. Dried bamboo is still sensitive to humidity and sudden temperature changes. Since bamboo is fibrous, it reacts to these environmental conditions by expanding and contracting. Over time, this reaction can cause the wall of the tubes to become stressed. Despite all precautions in the drying process; infrequent stress cracks may develop.

These cracks can develop at anytime. Hairline or small cracks are not considered a defect, even when the chime is brand new. They are normal to bamboo and will not affect the sound of the chime. Hairline or small cracks generally do not develop into larger cracks. If a crack does occur it is usually a straight split and not jagged. Below is an illustration of how most hairline or small cracks appear when they do develop.

Bamboo Cracks

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