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Traditional Analog Thermometers

Traditional Analog Thermometers

Obtaining accurate temperature readings is a common yet important aspect of our daily lives. We carry a wide variety of traditional analog thermometers that are useful for a multitude of different purposes. Traditional analog thermometers measure temperature by using materials that change in some way when they are heated or cooled. The two most common analog thermometers are the spring or dial type and the bulb or tube type. A dial thermometer uses a coiled piece of metal that is sensitive to heat. One end of the spring is attached to the pointer and as temperature increases, the metal expands and the pointer moves higher. As temperature decreases, the metal contracts and the pointer moves lower. In a tube thermometer, the liquid (typically alcohol) expands as it is heated and contracts when it is cooled, rising and falling with the temperature. Traditional analog thermometers measure temperatures in Fahrenheit and often include a scale in Celsius.

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Weems & Plath 312800
Weems & Plath 312800
Porthole Weather Center
  • Quartz Clock, Barometer & Comfortmeter (temp/humidity)
  • Solid American Hardwood w/ Mahogany Finish
  • Wall Mount or Free Standing
  • Will Never Tarnish or Discolor
Our Price: $199.95
4.5 stars (14)
Weems & Plath 151200
Weems & Plath 151200
Bluewater Thermometer
  • Glare, Splash & Scratch Resistant
  • Made of High Impact Black Styrene
  • Fahrenheit & Celsius Scales w/ 2 Markings
  • Hinged Bezel w/ Brass Locking Lug
  • Lifetime Warranty
Our Price: $79.95
5 stars (4)
Weems & Plath Endurance Comfortmeters
  • Shows Ideal "Comfort" Conditions
  • Temp & RH
  • Beveled Glass Crystal
  • Wood Base or Wall Mount
  • Never Tarnish
Our Price: $149.95
5 stars (4)
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